January 8, 2019 Judhajeet Das

Dear Mom,

Maa, I’m keeping this letter I am writing to you on my own website so that I don’t loose this letter in future. It will be safe here as I am not revealing this letter to anyone for now. This is my letter to you to let u know how I’m doing these days.


Ma, 27th March it was when you left me in 2010 and went away forever from my life. I was devastated and as a innocent child, never got to feel another woman’s care for myself that good. And just 8years later, you gave me the woman who cares for me the way probably no one does after you and dad passed away. Maa, shraddha is just someone my life was created for, I can die for her, she is the most precious momento life has ever given me.


We started talking back in Feb, 2015 through Facebook and within 2years we got so close that we called, chatted and what not. Then you took away dad even from me in November, 2017 and then.. maa shraddha came into my life like my angel. She picked my brokenself up, built me again, made me smile again, she did everything that is the reason why I smiled again. Maa, I SEE YOU THROUGH HER. I WITNESS YOUR LOVE, YOUR AFFECTION AND YOUR CARE FOR ME THROUGH HER SOUL❤️ SHE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN I’VE EVER KNOWN IN MY LIFE. 


Thank you ma, thank you for giving me this amazing lady in my life.. haa, she is moody, she is my little angry-bird but she is just perfect the way she is. This letter will be seen by no one so maa, I’d confess to you that I love her, I love her so much that I completely forgot about you this 1yr of my and shraddha’s relationship. Ami tomake bhulei gechi maa.. sorry but shraddha has completed your position in my heart.


She is this cutie cutie panda who when smiles, just takes the floor out of my feet. Whatever I’m going through, she has the right way to make me smile. Maa, I promise you.. I will do everything it takes to keep that smile on her face. She is my lady love and I will NEVER LOOSE HER. PLEASE SUPPORT ME TO KEEP HER WITH ME FOREVER LIFE. I CANNOT SIMPLY THINK ABOUT ANY OTHER HUMAN IN MY LIFE EXCEPT SHRADDHA..


Maa, hoyto Ami konodino tomar bhalobasha orom Kore bujhte parini karon Tumi amake chere onek chhoto boyshe chole gechile.. kintu shraddha has made me feel what loving someone feels like. Since I’m in this deep love with her, I have never been sad like I used to be before.. she makes me happy.. she makes me cheerful and she makes me feel loved again and again.


She IS THE ONLY HUMAN IN THIS PLANET WHOM I LOVE THE MOST, CARE FOR THE MOST AND NEVER CAN LOOSEN THIS LOVE FOR HER.. Till my last breathe, I’ll keep loving her more and more everyday.


I hope, you might be reading this from heaven or wherever you are.. Please keep her for me forever.. ami aar kaoke niye bachte shikhini.. she gave me a new life and I have given my entire life to her. SHE OWNS MY LIFE, SHE OWNS ME, SHE OWNS EVERYTHING I WAS MEANT FOR. SHE IS MY QUEEN AND I WANT TO MARRY HER. ❤️


MAA, Just Amar ei request ta complete korediyo… Let me and shraddha get married in future. I will never be as happy as the day I see her as my bride. Kede felbo shedin.. ❤️ .


Sorry to say, but shraddha is more important than you in my life now. But I love you maa.. I just love shraddha more ❤️❤️


Your son,